Здравствуйте! I am Vanka!
I am a very petite sporty exotic girl born in Russia!

Yes, I am really Russian! I was born and raised in the Former Soviet Union. As a young girl, I excelled in athletics. I studied figure skating. I eventually became a regional champion. Later in life, I turned my attention to teaching. I became a well respected skating coach and trained potentials for the olympic reserve.

For the past few years prior to coming to America, I was a stage performer and choreographer at a prominent theatre in my city. I participated in many modern dance & dramatic theatre productions. I was fortunate to be able to travel and perform in other cities and countries. It was during this last life’s period I decided to see the United States and relocate here. After some time in the cold north, I sought to find a place more in harmony with my spirits and taste. I thrive in hot weather. I adore the beach and sea. Florida sounded perfect to call my new home!

Regarding my education & training, I have been making massage since college. I studied my first techniques at a Russian sports institute. I have a degree in sports training. I came to this country and decided I wanted to continue providing my high quality service to people here. Because of my gifts, I move very beautifully and gracefully. I incorporate these elements in my services to make them more special and stand out. My sessions are far from boring. Your good feelings should last for days instead of hours!

As for my physical appearance & character:

  • I am very cute & petite with brown hair and eyes.
  • I have 152 cm and 44 kilos.
  • I have a very firm sporty form and a soft, sweet, sexy voice.
  • Clients say they are amazed by how strong my muscles are!
  • I am exotic, very sensual, intelligent, classy, and, I hear, quite interesting. I can also say, I am very kind, tender, and respectable.
  • I am no "tee hee ha ha" girl. I will not be fake in feelings. I consider you are not foolish and deserve far better than that!
  • I am honest & real! I place my heart in every thing I do!
  • If you are wanting something very different and quite special, you have found very sweet treat!

My very first client in my homeland was a boxer! I made massages for him twice a week for over three years. Over my career, I have performed my services for business directors, celebrities, musicians, sports professionals, and government officials that required a discrete, caring, respectable professional. I pride myself in associating with trustworthy people that seek a kind tender exotic woman with soul!

I am happy to provide my services for gentlemen, ladies, and couples! Oh… And just a few words for you ladies considering a couples session or checking up on your man (or visa-versa) that told you About… I have zero interest in your partner. I am not seeking a romantic or physical relationship whatsoever. You have no reason to be jealous. I don’t want him or her, other than as a respected client.

I have ladies & gentlemen from 35 to 80. Your physical appearance is not important. I am equally pleased to see a short fat person as one tall and 'perfect'. It does not matter to me if people call you good looking, sporty, young for your age or not such sweet words. A pretty face will never help your cause with me. I look only at a person’s inside peace.

I am interested in long term regular clients and not one time analyzers. Regular clients will have more exciting views & elements available for their loyalty. I work one step at a time, so I consider you should return and see what might be over the course of our business relationship, but it is always your decision to ask! Just because I refuse a request, does not, necessarily, mean it is impossible. It may only mean, I am not ready yet. You may always repeat your proposal, in some weeks, and see if the answer differs. It may or may not. No harm in trying.

Who is my average client? He or she is professional with keen intellect. He or she is very polite, patient, relaxed and well mannered. He or she appreciates and respects me and how I work. He or she understands how and when to properly communicate his or her interests subtly without any need for harsh and foul language.

What is most important?

You are clean, kind, polite, speak without foul language and, MOST IMPORTANTLY… RESPECTFUL!

South Of Skyway Bridge & North Of Manatee River

I offer a very upscale quiet, peaceful, cozy, relaxing, and safeful venue with a very clean shower facility.

To Keep In Mind Once You Schedule Your Relax Session

You will be coming to my home in a peaceful neighborhood. It will be very important that you follow my post confirmation instructions, including parking, to insure that your visit is safe, comfortable, and undisturbed.

My Clients Visit From:
Sarasota | Bradenton | Lakewood Ranch | Venice | Palmetto | Ellenton | Parrish
Anna Maria Island | Longboat Key | Lido Key | Bird Key | Siesta Key | Casey Key
Tampa | Saint Petersburg | Pinellas Park | Treasure Island | Clearwater | Brandon | Sun City


Similiar To Massage (But BETTER!)


CNC is a deeply sensual & erotic session that covers all of body! It relaxes, excites and relaxes again! My clients say their skin melts in my hands! This session offers numerous personalized elements, that can be added, once you become my trusted regular client.

Available Minutes From 60 to 360 (6 hours)!
Equipment Luxurious Bed
Draping None Required, Unless you prefer.
Full Reveal Yes
Atmosphere Very sensual, stimulating and fun with many wonderful spirits!
Fantasy Outfits Yes, available beginning your SECOND visit.
Fetishes Yes, for REGULAR individuals I have comfort & trust with. Discuss in person ONLY!
Extras Yes, for REGULAR individuals I have comfort & trust with. Discuss in person ONLY!
  • "Too good… You're the best. Many thanks again."
  • "Dearest Vanka, The light that is YOU fills me with great wonder and gratitude. Thank you for the perfect everything."
  • “It was wonderful and I can still feel. You are so nice, with beautiful eyes. Your touch is amazing…"
More Appreciations 
  • "I had a wonderful experience with Vanka! I would highly recommend this to any man who needs a relaxing treatment." - Tom

  • "Too good… You're the best. Many thanks again."

  • "Vanka, I wanted to let you know it was great to meet you last Tuesday - Sorry I did not write sooner, just got back from a busy conference. You are wonderful and thinking of you made my entire week very fun. I loved having your strong soft hands all over!"

  • "Vanka, you are one of a kind. I wasn't expecting the massage to be very good. You surprised me. It was far better than I ever expected!"

  • "I wanted to thank you today, for an absolutely noteworthy massage. I was expecting a very sensual massage from a beautiful sexy woman, but I was not expecting an arousing and interestingly intelligent conversation! You are as cultured as you are beautiful. I will see you again soon (for both)!"

  • "Wow!"

  • "Dearest Vanka, The light that is YOU fills me with great wonder and gratitude. Thank you for the perfect everything."

  • “Hello Vanka, I just wanted to say I really really enjoyed the massage yesterday! It was by far the best most relaxing massage I ever had. Looking forward to my next one. You are a very nice, friendly and beautiful person and it was so easy to relax with you. Anyways have a great weekend and I will see you soon!!!“

  • “Vanka. I want to express my gratitude for your time and attention today. Your talents are well worth every penny in indescribable ways that do pleasantly linger in memory. Every aspect, from arrival to departure, set my nervousness at ease about not knowing what to expect. It was SO nice to self-indulge in your wonderful massage talent and know deep inside, I simply didn't have to do a thing - just leave myself in your hands. My own nature is to please others and it is so nice to know, and really feel so comfortable leaving myself in your hands. You were exactly what I had hoped for, and in all reality, your talents bring out in me my own abilities to be a better man and lover. Any woman in my personal future will be very well satisfied because of you. Why you ask (OK, you know why)? I have always considered myself a pretty good lover and man, but being single and shy, you mellow my selfish urges for being satisfied by my partner and I can focus on satisfying women that may come into my life. As I said with my first thought when I saw you, you are delightfully cute, and I learned you are calming, and strong at the same time. You even used some comforting humor, it was really so nice. What caught me off guard, probably even made me uncomfortable (not a bad thing), was you used "energy" massage. Was that intentional? I mean, I know energy massage because I have friends that can massage without even touching me, and I can do it also. But, it takes a LOT of strength (in my opinion) to perform that type massage, even in a non-sexual way. Do you do that? Consciously? I don't know the depth of your knowledge, but it seems pretty deep. Just curious, do my questions make sense? Wow.. in reflection, I think of all the sensations of today with you, so very, very pleasing. If you had any doubt about whether I would call you again to come back, I will.”

  • “Hey Vanka! Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed our massage session. You have an incredible gift, and a super sweet gal to boot!”

  • “Hi Vanka. I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for such a great massage. It was the best massage I have ever experienced! You are very special and sexy too! Thank you again and I hope to see you soon.”

  • “Dear Vanka, Your massage not only took away all the stress I was carrying from the flight over from Europe, but also gave me an energy increase that I think will last all the way through my two weeks here in the U.S. You have magic hands; a beautiful, kind face; and graceful, gorgeous body. But most of all you have an open shining spirit that knows how to be open and connect. It is what puts a session with you so far above the rest ! I will be looking at my schedule to be sure and book at least another session before I leave. I'd love to be able to return even a small percentage of the pleasure that you gave me. My heartfelt thanks”

  • “I am writing to say to tell you how I felt about the best massage of my life. I get massage regularly last 12 years and you have surpassed every other massage I have ever received. Vanka is both beautiful and talented, but the enthusiasm and energy are extreme, my heart is still dancing as I recall the most cherished massage of my life. I will be in Cloud 9 for some time and I will be back for another trip to heaven.”

  • ”Dear Vanka; you are amazing (and beautiful!). Those wonderful memories….will be repeated. Be well.”

  • “Our Time Together… Hello Vanka. I just had to write you and tell you how wonderful our session was last week. As I told you I have been watching your ads for some time, but just was not sure about your offerings. Well I am Soooo glad I decided to visit. All I can think about is our time together, and that incredible massage. I am saving my pennies so that I can see you again real soon! I still tingle.”

  • “Vanka: Thanks for a wonderful massage. It was a combination of the best of both worlds. A very relaxing massage with an incredible sensual experience. I must say the best I ever had. I slept like a baby. Can't wait to feel your body over mine again!!”

  • “For those of you who haven’t seen Vanka or who are wondering about visiting her, I say that you shouldn’t hesitate. I am a massage therapist and I know when a person is totally engaged in their client or not. Vanka’s time with you is just that, your time, and she is talented, playful, and thorough. I left her wishing I could be around on a regular basis but alas, Toledo and Alaska are a bit too far to commute. Enjoy this cute little gem!"

  • "Still in the clouds. Best massage ever. Look forward to next time."

  • "Thank you so much for the extra care you gave me on my first visit. You are a very extraordinary and sexy woman…I am definitely not ever going to forget u…"

  • All I can say is… WOW!!! That was the best therapy that I have received so far this year. Your European upbringing definitely showed up yesterday; you really impressed me! The way you looked when you first walked in, those big brown smiling eyes hit me instantly, your classy outfit, the sexy underwear, your energized body and being, such a treat! “The massage was very relaxing, then as you went on and really got into a sexy stimulating treatment, I knew that you could make me hard; something that so far nobody had been able to accomplish! I really loved touching your body, you gave yourself in such a loving way, you are something very special! The shower afterwards was a great finally; you definitely have re-awakened my long lost sex drive!!”

  • “Thank you for an unbelievable massage, you have fantastic hands, very attractive, and you are very sensual. This was probably one of the top 5 massages I have ever received in my 30 years of getting massages in areas all over the US. I will definitely see you again!”

  • "Wonderful! Thanks, you are the best."

  • “Thank you for the wonderful massage tonight. It was complete ecstasy!! I have never had an experience like that before. Your hands and your gentle touch put me in a state of total relaxation. I cannot believe how awesome you are. I look forward to seeing you again…soon. You are a dream come true. Thank you very much.”

  • “Vanka, Hello beautiful. First off I want to thank you for the company and the chat and of course the massage. Second I want you to know how much I enjoyed it. Just to see the care and the passion that you put into your work is something that I love. I will tell you that I was very nervous before you got here and still was until about 5 minutes after you got here then I started to relax because you are so open and honest. I didn’t sleep very well after though I think I was still pretty excited from all the attention that you gave to me and really still am.”

  • “волшебно захватывающе очень особенно!!!!!!!”

  • “Very relaxing and awesome. We will do it again.”

  • “You are beautiful inside and out. Your body is fantastic and the massage was WOW!”

  • “Thank you for last night. You were spectacular! You were more beautiful than I could have imagined, and the massage was far better than I could have ever hoped for. I do hope to see you again. Keep yourself safe and know that you have imprinted in my mind as one of my fondest memories.”

  • “WOW…. Thank you!!! I'll let you know when I am back in town. I truly do feel 10 years younger :-)”

  • “Hi Vanka, What can I say about last night… WOW!! It was very nice. You were right. You do have wonderful hands. Soft and sensual. You are a terrific woman. I am very glad to have met you. I am sure we will continue to get to know each other even better as time goes on. I can only hope that you enjoyed our time together as much as I enjoyed it. I was quite nervous about everything. I feel much more comfortable now which should only make it better next time. I look forward to seeing you again. I hope you have a great day. Talk to you soon.”

  • “Yes I did enjoy the massage very much and I will plan on seeing you again very soon! Wow, very good touch and technique my skin is still tingling from the massage! Thank you very very much! Can’t wait to have you visit me again!”

  • “Yes! It was an amazing massage, my first massage like that. Wow… I was so relaxed that I took a 5 hour nap afterwards! You knocked me out!”

  • “Thank you for the wonderful massage today. It was an absolute joy to meet you and connect. Everything was perfect. You are a person of great beauty and talent!”

  • “Yes, Vanka I was very relaxed last night and slept wonderfully. You will definitely be hearing from me again, you gave me the best massage ever. You know what you are doing, very professional and attractive provider. Thank you!”

  • “Awesome & incredible. You are a very beautiful & classy woman.”

  • “Thanks for the massage on Monday. My headache finally went away and I was able to RELAX. Hope to see you again soon.”

  • “Sure wish American woman could look as good as you. I’m going Russian from now on!”

  • “Hi Vanka, Yes it was very nice, and you gave me incredible pleasure. I promise to keep in touch, and as soon as I have time available again will contact you to do this again ok. You are very nice, sexy and I like the connection I felt, I hope and wish we could be friends…”

  • “I had a great time and it was a fantastic massage, it left me relaxed and smiling all day long.”

  • “Wow, that was amazing. You are a very sexy lady who gives a very seductive massage. I wanted to kiss your lips and body all over. I look forward to our next meeting.”

  • “I agree….you are worth it..…”

  • “Thank you for everything Vanka. I just got home and I am thinking about last night and wish you were here with me now. Sleep well.…”

  • “It was wonderful and I can still feel. You are so nice, with beautiful eyes. Your touch is amazing, from relaxing to stimulating with incredible warmth. Thank You again, Hope to see you very soon!!”

  • “I very much enjoyed the massage, I can't wait to make the next appt. I will be seeing you soon!”

  • "Are all Russian girls like you? Oh wait, I remember you said you are 1 in a million. I believe it. I can't get over our time together. I am in awe!"

  • “You are so much more beautiful in real! I never felt a massage like that before, most relaxing I’ve ever had.”

  • “Hello Vanka, Thank you. I had a very good time. I enjoyed your company and I would like to see you again. You are very beautiful and are very skilled at massage. I am interested in further elements next time. All was wonderful.”

  • “You were fantastic! Looking forward to next time. I feel mmm good. Thxxx"

  • “Hello, Vanka. I really had an enjoyable and relaxing time with you last night. I had the biggest smile on my face all day. I look forward to spending more quality time with you. You are a very sweet and beautiful woman. Thank you for being so nice….”

  • “Thank you sweetheart you are a very lovely and gifted massuse. I thorougly enjoyed it. I will be calling you.”

  • “Hi Vanka, The massage was fantastic and you're a lovely lady and it was definitely a wonderful experience. I believe you have a talent and I was glad to have you come visit. Good Luck and hopefully I'll see you again on a return visit.”

  • “Thank you Vanka, I promise you will be hearing from me again. I had an amazing time, and I'm glad to hear you did as well. You have an amazing touch, I'm hot again just thinking about it.”

  • “Thank you for last night, it was very relaxing and you are wonderful. I look forward to seeing you again very soon”
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Price Your Session…

Fees are based on several factors.

  • Session Variant
  • Length Of Session
  • Session Elements
  • Most Importantly… The Individual

Fees commence at $150, but most client's choose a first time option equaling $200. To better understand fees, please login or create an account.

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ACCOUNT REQUIRED To Confirm Age & View. Please Login Or Create Account.

Never Experienced

  • Ask questions not answered here tête-à-tête.
  • Phones, whether by voice or SMS, are never the place to speak details!
  • I seek LONG-TERM REGULAR CLIENTS, not one time analyzers, nor rounders.
  • Possess respect, manners, & patience!
  • Speak nicely without foul language.
  • I need time to feel comfortable with you.



10:00 To Conclude By 16:30


ONLY with two days minimum advance notice.



Arrive Prepared For A Positive Experience!

Worried? Shy? Nervous?

It is very normal to feel yourself bashful and/or anxious for our first meeting. You don’t know me yet. Remember, I don’t know you either! Most clients enjoy their second and sequential sessions far better, as there is less pretension and comfort begins to develop.


If you are ill and contagious, please reschedule for another time! If you have any open sores or serious skin infection, I may refuse service. I don’t touch feet with bad fungus! For you tobacco users, I am highly sensitive. I ask you refrain at least one hour prior to our meeting. My facility is 100% smoke free inside and outside. I also don't appreciate arrival with heavy cologne or perfume. The next client may have a sensitivity. If you enjoy wearing it, please apply it in your vehicle AFTER you depart.


I am always fresh with very clean smell. Please take a cleansing shower prior to your arrival. Not only is it comfortable for my nose, but it prepares the skin for my hands and body to properly glide on your body. I use only neutral products without scent, so you will leave with the same smell you came with, only fresher! If you prefer or require a special massage lotion, soap, shampoo, brush, or a hair dryer, please bring it in a small toiletry bag. I do not share my personal hygiene items Also, I have no where to store client’s personal items, take everything home with you.


Do not eat a meal just prior to your session. If you are full, your stomach will not appreciate my elements! It is better to arrive a bit hungry. I also, strongly, suggest you empty your bladder and bowels before arriving. Relax! Don’t try and direct me! I know what I am doing. Never grab or pull at me, it will ruin the flow. Don’t try to anticipate or force forward movement. All that will be will be in my time. Be patient. Take peaceful breathe, lay back and enjoy! Feel my energy!


I apologize for having to list 'rules'… I don't mean to try and frighten you away!

Every 'Rule' listed came in direct response to a past client that MADE BAD FOR ME! I wouldn't need even one if every client were as respectful as you probably are-!!!

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Respect yes and no. PLEASE, do not make special requests on your first visit! I need time to get to know you. Usually your third visit is good. When that third visits arrives, the time to ask is when you lie down on the bed BEFORE I turn on the music and session begins. IF WE AGREE, it will commence on the next session.
  • SPEAK WITHOUT PROFANITY and vulgar slang. It 'turns me off.'
  • Don't ask me personal intimate questions. My past and/or present relationships are not for discussion.
  • Please no gift giving. I am happy to accept tips as a 'thank you' for service well received, but have no desire for non-monitary rewards. Especially, never send parcels to me via any delivery service.
  • NEVER TOUCH ME WITH POWER, even in play. I especially hate the American custom of light smack to female rear. That will anger me.
  • When it is time to depart, and we are at my foyer, it is not the place to begin a discussion, ask questions or linger.
  • Never give out my phone number. Send interested colleagues to my website and have them write your name as a recommender.
  • No one knows of our meetings nor what happened between us but you and I! I do not ever share information with anyone.
  • I have no interest to be placed on review sites. I never review you, I expect the same courtesy.
  • And… Please share your open and honest impressions with me, so I can keep my service elite.

South Of Skyway Bridge & North Of Manatee River

I offer a very upscale quiet, peaceful, cozy, relaxing, and safeful venue with a very clean shower facility.

To Keep In Mind Once You Schedule Your Relax Session

You will be coming to my home in a peaceful neighborhood. It will be very important that you follow my post confirmation instructions, including parking, to insure that your visit is safe, comfortable, and undisturbed.

Post confirmation instructions will unlock and show, in next tab, after you confirm your session.

Unlocked & Accessed Here After Each Confirmation!

If you have a confirmed meeting with me, you are not logged in.

Due to past problems… I will not send my address via voice or SMS.

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