Yes, I am really Russian! I was born and raised in the Former Soviet Union. As a young girl, I excelled in athletics. I studied figure skating. I eventually became a regional champion. Later in life, I turned my attention to teaching. I became a well respected skating coach and trained potentials for the olympic reserve.

For the past few years prior to coming to America, I was a stage performer and choreographer at a prominent theatre in my city. I participated in many modern dance & dramatic theatre productions. I was fortunate to be able to travel and perform in other cities and countries. It was during this last life’s period I decided to see the United States and relocate here. After some time in the cold north, I sought to find a place more in harmony with my spirits and taste. I thrive in hot weather. I adore the beach and sea. Florida sounded perfect to call my new home!

Regarding my education & training, I have been making massage since college. I studied my first techniques at a Russian sports institute. I have a degree in sports training. I came to this country and decided I wanted to continue providing my high quality service to people here. Because of my gifts, I move very beautifully and gracefully. I incorporate these elements in my services to make them more special and stand out. My sessions are far from boring. Your good feelings should last for days instead of hours!

As for my physical appearance & character:

  • I am very cute & petite with brown hair and eyes.
  • I have 152 cm and 44 kilos.
  • I have a veryand a soft, sweet, sexy voice.
  • Clients say they are amazed by how strong myare!
  • I am exotic, very sensual, intelligent, classy, and, I hear, quite interesting. I can also say, I am very kind, tender, and respectable.
  • I am no "tee hee ha ha" girl. I will not be fake in feelings. I consider you are not foolish and deserve far better than that!
  • I am honest & real! I place my heart in every thing I do!
  • If you are wanting something very different and quite special, you have found very sweet treat!

My very first client in my homeland was a boxer! I made massages for him twice a week for over three years. Over my career, I have performed my services for business directors, celebrities, musicians, sports professionals, and government officials that required a discrete, caring, respectable professional. I pride myself in associating with trustworthy people that seek a kind tender exotic woman with soul!

I am happy to provide my services for gentlemen, ladies, and couples! Oh… And just a few words for you ladies considering a couples session or checking up on your man (or visa-versa) that told you About… I have zero interest in your partner. I am not seeking a romantic or physical relationship whatsoever. You have no reason to be jealous. I don’t want him or her, other than as a respected client.

I have clients up to age 80. Your physical appearance is not important. I am equally pleased to see a short fat person as one tall and 'perfect'. It does not matter to me if people call you good looking, sporty, young for your age or not such sweet words. A pretty face will never help your cause with me. I look only at a person’s inside peace.

I am interested in long term regular clients and not one time analyzers. Regular clients will have more exciting views & elements available for their loyalty. I work one step at a time, so I consider you should return and see what might be over the course of our business relationship, but it is always your decision to ask! Just because I refuse a request, does not, necessarily, mean it is impossible. It may only mean, I am not ready yet. You may always repeat your proposal, in some weeks, and see if the answer differs. It may or may not. No harm in trying.

Who is my average client? He or she is professional with keen intellect. He or she is very polite, patient, relaxed and well mannered. He or she appreciates and respects me and how I work. He or she understands how and when to properly communicate his or her interests subtly without any need for harsh and foul language.

What is most important?

You are clean, kind, polite, speak without foul language, at least age 40, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY… RESPECTFUL!


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